It is always good to keep your carport as clean as possible. A happy carport is a clean carport. While you might employ a cleaning service, the job isn’t always difficult. You can clean your carport on your own if you have all of the necessary materials and a few hours to spare. Use this handy advice to keep your carport as clean as possible!

Before starting make sure you have all the necessary stuff for cleaning.

Dish soap, Bleach, or laundry detergent: The benefit of cleaning carports is that no special solution is usually required. In most circumstances, dish soap or laundry detergent will suffice to get the job done. If you do decide to use laundry detergent, be sure it is phosphate-free. Phosphates of any kind might destroy the vegetation around your carport.

If you haven’t cleaned your carport in a while, you may need to break out the bleach. Bleach can kill any mold or mildew growth and assist ensure that it does not reappear anytime soon. To get rid of mold, moss, and mildew, mix one part bleach with five parts water.

pressure washer or Hose: Whether you’re using dish soap, laundry detergent, or bleach, a hose or pressure washer will be required to rinse the solution away. In most circumstances, a basic hose will suffice, but you may want to have a pressure washer on standby to blast through any tight spots.

Brush or scrubber: Sometimes the only way to remove difficult stains is to clean them thoroughly. However, make sure the bristles on your brush aren’t too stiff. The last thing you want is for your carport to be scratched.

Sealant: Finally, when you’ve cleaned your carport, get a sealer to protect it. Aside from protecting your metal from the elements, the correct sealant should make cleaning your carport a snap the next time it gets dirty.

Step By Step Cleaning Carports

Once you’ve gathered all of the essential equipment, you’re ready to begin cleaning your steel carports. In case your carport is complex design ask contact Carport Contractor for advice. To clean your carport fast and easily, follow these steps and keep these guidelines in mind:

Start with the perimeter: Before you step foot inside your carport, make sure the surrounding area is as clean as possible. If the outside isn’t clean, you’ll find yourself tracking dirt into your carport when cleaning it.

Clean from top to bottom: Clean the inside from top to bottom after the outside is tidy and free of dirt and trash. Allow gravity to assist in bringing the soap and water down from the ceiling to clean the walls and floor. 

Apply sealant: When you’re finished and your carport is pristine, apply a thick coat of sealant to the metal using a rag. The sealant will keep your carport clean in the future and will also preserve it from the elements.

This process will be a breeze if you clean your steel carports. Failure to clean it might lead to larger problems and make cleaning more difficult and time-consuming. In case it is cleaning our Sacramento Cleaning Team is always ready to help.


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